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Here’s the answers to your frequently asked questions about our products and procedures.

We currently have 3 sizes of bags for you:

🌼Micro Bagasak (fanny pack) :
◾️8.5 ” x 4.5 ” x 2 ” deep
Capacity : 1.3 liters

🌼Medium Bagasak :
◾️11 ” x 2 ” x 16 ” high
◾️Folded: 5.5 ” x 1.5 ” x 2.5 ” height
Capacity : 4 litres

🌼Big Bagasak : 
◾️14.5 ” x 2 ” x 18 ” high
◾️Folded: 7.5 ” x 1.5 ” x 3 ” height
Capacity : 6 litres

A simple damp cloth will wipe out most of the dirt. For a more stubborn stain, use a mild degreasing soap (eg dish soap) with a damp cloth. Rub gently to remove the small sore and then rinse everything to remove the soap. Let it hang to dry. That’s all !

It depends on the product.

Processing times :

Medium and large Bagasak (convertible backpack) and mask are in stock if you are able to put them in your basket. So, it takes 1-3 business days to process your order.

For a Micro Bagasak (Fanny pack):  If it’s in stock, you’ll see “In stock” appear with a smiley face when you have chosen the size of your strap. In this case, the same processing time applies, i.e. 1-3 working days. If it needs to be made (“Available to order” indicated when the strap is chosen), it will take 2-5 working days to process your order.

If you have several items in your order including a Micro Bagasak to produce, you must take into account the longest processing time, since your order will be sent in only one package.

For the delivery :

It should take between 1-14 working days depending on your delivery city:

In greater Montreal, delivery is quite fast (1-2 business days) and I use Purolator or Bagasak mobile most of the time. For all other destinations in Quebec and Ontario, Purolator will also deliver to you within 2 business days. For the rest of Canada, depending on the carrier used, the delay could be between 2-14 working days *.

* With the exceptional situation beyond our control (Covid), the delays have been longer in the last months, but the carriers have adjusted themselves and it’s now rare that your order will arrive after 14 working days. In most cases, it’s more about 7 working days.

All bags are sent with a tracking number. You will find this number in the “processing complete” confirmation email to the email address you provided when purchasing from this website.

5 or less masks: They’ll be sent by regular mail without a tracking number.

For 6 masks and more: Your order will have a tracking number.

If the order includes several items with at least one Bagasak, it will automatically be sent by delivery with tracking number WITHOUT signature.

*For more information regarding shipping method, please refer to the Online purchase policy,  under the “Delivery” heading.

Bagasak is MORE than a bag.
It is a family micro-business from Laval imbued with an ethical “slow-fashion” philosophy:

🌞 Quality products created & manufactured to last over time.
🌞 A valuable collaboration with a local socio-professional integration company which allows us to know and rub shoulders with all the people who are involved in making your Bagasak.
🌞 No mega-quantities with us! Limited production and as needed to avoid wasting or burying unsold items = purchase of supplies in small batches.
🌞 Obviously and with great certainty, all our production is made locally in ethical and fair environments.
With all these small gestures, we try to challenge current sales practices. Stand with us !

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