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On a winter’s day in 2015, Mélanie Racine once again found herself before the endless plastic bags that were piling up after each visit her boyfriend made to the comic book store. It’s then she decided to tackle a growing problem: avoiding using plastic while making sure your precious new book makes it home without any nicks. And so, Mélanie began to imagine a reusable, foldable cloth bag with properties allowing it to first protect anything from comic books to books to delicate bound paper and e-readers.

Over the next two years, she fine-tuned her idea, learning both sewing and screen printing so that her one-of-a-kind bag could be everything she wanted it to be (AND, let’s be honest, so that it can look good—that BA in visual and media arts had to be good for something !) And so, Bagasak was born and is evolving since !

Today, you have the choice between several sizes, all convertible and foldable backpacks, or 3 in 1 fanny packs. There is so many ways that you can use your Bagasak ! It doesn’t stop at carrying books and other fragile objects. It extends to all outdoor family activities, from cross-country skiing to relax hiking, including swimming pool trips or even an unpretentious urban expedition.  Bagasak will easily and comfortably carry all your essentials in a snap.

So light that even your little ones -and not so little 😉 – will be able to carry their own things !

Also, knows that Bagasak is handmade in Canada, Laval, in collaboration with local socio-professional insertion companies. Each purchase of a Bagasak therefore directly supports employment access of immigrants or people who have encountered difficulties during their lifetime.

So ! Are you looking for that one of a kind convertible and foldable backpack or this water-repellent unique fanny pack, all ethically made in Quebec ? Don’t look further…Try Bagasak!

Bagasak, partner of your daily adventures

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